The Golden Pheasant

A32, Lower Farringdon, Hampshire
01420 588255

Having run pubs in the area for ten years, David and Melanie have come to Farringdon to create a warm and welcoming Free House in this beautiful part of Hampshire.

You can expect delicious home-created pies, mouth-watering vegetarian dishes, fresh seafood and much more. The steaks are “British and best”, and supplied by Brock’s Farm Shop. Char-grilled to your taste, these come with the pub’s own kitchen-created sauces. Recipes have been handed down through the generations, including tasty dishes such as Oxtail, Lamb Shanks and Rabbit Pies. Starters are home-made and ever-changing, and the colour-coded menu is constantly updated. The vegetables, salads and herbs are sourced locally and in terms of freshness, these standards are hard to beat.

Fresh Fish and Chips are served every day, with a secret recipe batter that enhances the freshness of the cod and haddock. A choice of garden or ‘mushy’ peas adds to the pleasure of this British classic. Proclaimed by some customers as, the “best fish and chips we have ever tasted”, the only way to find out is to experience them first hand!

On every third Friday evening, your candlelit dining experience can be heightened by the presence of the pub’s own “piano man”, Mr. Henry Trezise. It is advisable to telephone the pub for bookings and dates.

Sunday roasts are a speciality, with a choice of three meats and a vegetarian option. Delicious gravies are created the old fashioned way from the meat juices, and you can expect a large assortment of vegetables. Lunchtime specials are available daily, with mid-week roasts on Wednesdays at a bargain price of £5.50!

There are delicious wines available by the bottle or glass, chilled beers, cider and Guinness, as well as ales and guest ales of the highest quality. Look out for local Hampshire ales from select micro breweries. Everyone at The Golden Pheasant looks forward to welcoming you into their friendly village pub, situated on the A32 at Lower Farrington.

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